If you need insurance, take a look! RBC is offering 10% savings on premium for applications submitted until June 6, 2021!

UPDATE: Exciting news for RBCRBC YourTerm YourTerm

On February 18, 2021 we shared the exciting news of upcoming term initiatives. However, at that time, we displayed
incorrect numbers in our competitive comparison for RBC Insurance and BMO Insurance. The original communication
has since been replaced with this version and the numbers below are now correct.

Coming your way next month are two exciting RBC YourTerm™ initiatives for you and your clients, full details below:

1. For a limited time, eligible clients will receive a 10% premium savings.

2. New digital signature option in our eApplication will make it easier for you to work with your clients in a nonface-to-face environment. The addition to other eApps will follow.

RBC YourTerm 10% Savings

For applications received in Head office on and between March 1st and June 6th 2021, we will offer a 10% savings to
clients who purchase RBC YourTerm* coverage on:

1. RBC YourTerm new business applications

2. Term 10 Exchanges to the RBC YourTerm product

3. RBC YourTerm change forms resulting from the Term Switch Privilege

* This promotion does not include RBC YourTerm Riders under RBC Growth Insurance™ or T100, for new business
and conversion. Savings cannot be combined.

How does it work?

RBC Illustrations will not be updated to reflect this savings, but to quote a premium, you can use the Colleagues as
Clients (CAC) 10% discount. The savings will be applied before the policy fee and we’ll ensure that the correct
commission rate is applied to applications or change forms received at RBC Insurance® Head Office on and between
March 1, 2021 and June 6, 2021.

How do we stack up against the competition?

Have a look at the chart below for rate comparisons.

Transition rules

The attached transition rules have been developed for you and your clients to ensure a clear understanding of
each possible scenario and how we’ll take action at our end. Please review this document closely.

RBC YourTerm 10 $500,000 RBC YourTerm 20 $1,000,000
Standard MNS Age 35 Age 45 Standard FNS Age 35 Age 45
RBC Insurance $231 $436 RBC Insurance $427 $1,009
BMO Insurance $300 $505 BMO Insurance $500 $1,170
Canada Life $260 $525 Canada Life $510 $1,190
Industrial Alliance $305 $580 Industrial Alliance $510 $1,190
Manulife $298 $546 Manulife $536 $1,206
Sun Life $300 $560 Sun Life $545 $1,245
ivari $335 $635 ivari $620 $1,360
RBCI Rank 1 1 RBCI Rank 1 1

New! Digital Signature for RBC YourTerm eApplication

As conducting business virtually is the new normal, you and your clients continue to look for easier ways to connect.
You asked, we listened! New digital signature technology is coming to the RBC YourTerm eApplication, giving your
clients the ability to use a personal device including computer, phone, or tablet to sign the application remotely. All they
need is a personal email address and a mobile phone number!

Stay tuned for more details and links to resources in the coming weeks for both the 10% savings and the digital
signature for RBC YourTerm.


If you have any further questions about either of these initiatives or how RBC Insurance can help, we’re here for
you. Please contact your local RBC Insurance Sales Consultant at 1-866-235-4332.